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The Windows Song Remix (TWS) The Windows Song Remix (TWS)

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In like a lion, out like a lamb.

okay, the beggining, I'm sorry to say, is completly horrible. It's just a jumble of sfx, it needs a solid beat and some togetherness. I almost didn't listen to he rest, but it's really cool! The end has a nice smooth beat and awesome timing, if the beggining was better, I'd use it for something, but ugh.

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hypeserver responds:

Wow haven't checked these reviews in a while sorry it took well almost a year to respond. This song was a remix I did for an online radio station a year ago after one of the head staff heard one of my other songs. I'd redo the beginning besides I no longer make songs plus the asked for me to specifically make the song the same just remodel with sound and everything.